Our Mission

Blue Hawk Records is an independent, student run record label and music organization designed to provide music and experience for the students, by the students. Its mission is to equip students in the Music Industry program, as well as others in the university, with relevant, hands-on experience and familiarize them with the typical workings of different occupations in the Music Industry.

Students will work with other motivated and like-minded individuals, as well as experienced industry professionals, for both credit and portfolio experience as they dive into the art of music, the structure of business, and how to mold artists into marketable material.

Blue Hawk Records capitalizes on the unique and specialized skills of these students as they function in talent scouting, artist promotion and development, live music and record release, as well as artwork, packaging, sales, and marketing of material.

Our primary goal is to create and support an interdisciplinary collaboration as well as develop a community through which we can provide students and artists alike with the skills and knowledge needed to develop into industry ready professionals.

Ultimately, Blue Hawk Records is the building block where many students will set the foundation for their careers.

Blue Hawk Records is launching with four talented young artists that are breaking into the scene.  The artists, like the staff of the label, are all Monmouth University students.